Castle Rheinstein and Castle Reichenstein

  • William Turner - Site 22: St. Clement’s Chapel with Castle Rheinstein
  • Trechtingshausen on the riverside footpath, looking towards Burg Rheinstein
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Trechtingshausen on the riverside footpath, looking towards Burg Rheinstein

On August 25, Turner marches on foot in the direction of Bingen. Just outside Trechtingshausen, this wonderful view is offered. On the right hill, the castle Reichenstein can be seen, in the background of the picture, the silhouettes of the castle Rheinstein and the Clemens Chapel can be guessed. Turner was still intensively occupied with this place later - especially after he had dealt with Goethe's theory of colors. This watercolor was created around 1841, almost 25 years after his first trip to the Rhine. Reichenstein Castle is now privately owned, it can be visited and houses a hotel and restaurant as well as a museum. The neighboring Rheinstein Castle, also privately owned, has a restaurant and a museum.

Watercolour, about 1841
Medium: watercolour and gouache on grey-washed paper
Dimensions: 185 x 242 mm
Collection: Sotheby’s, London


Trechtingshausen is a veritable castle hotspot: the castles Sooneck, Reichenstein and Rheinstein are all in the immediate vicinity – and you can visit all of them.


From here you can explore the wild, romantic Morgenbach Valley.


Hiking: The RheinBurgenWeg hiking trail is approx. 15 min. away.

Installation complete

Address: Mainzer Straße, Trechtingshausen

Site: on the sidewalk at the southern entrance of Trechtingshausen – at the height of Reichenstein Castle

Public Transport: Trechtingshausen railway station: approx. 10 min. walk

By bike: Rheinradweg cycle route – no detour necessary

Parking: »Morgenbachtal« car park in the immediate vicinity