View of the Marksburg

Braubach, view of the Marksburg

Approaching Braubach from Lahnstein, Turner is greeted by this wonderful view of the Marksburg shortly before reaching the town. Turner looked up from the riverbank to the hilltop and captured the view in several sketches. The watercolour itself wasn’t painted until 1820 – three years after his visit. In the centre of the painting we see the Marksburg, framed by mighty rocks and verdant trees. The foreground shows people resting, whilst the river is only vaguely perceptible. He crosses the river again by ferry and the same day walks as far as St. Goar. Today Marksburg Castle is owned by the Deutsche Burgenvereinigung (German Castles Association) and is open to the public.

Aquarell, 1820
Material: Wasserfarbe auf grau laviertem Papier;
Größe: 291 x 458 mm
Sammlung: The British Museum, Turner Worldwide
Referenz: TW0416, Wilton 692