Mäuseturm and Castle Ehrenfels

Bingen on the Rhine; View of the Mäuseturm

Turner produced the study for this watercolour after he had crossed the Nahe near Bingen. Turner studied the Binger Loch – the perilous narrow passage in the Rhine near Bingen – from both sides of the river in numerous sketches. The resulting watercolour, painted at a later date, shows a perspective that Turner would have had from on board a boat. This explains the relatively symmetrical composition of the picture. The Mäuseturm (»Mouse Tower«) is visible in the distance, whilst the hill on the right bank is flanked by Burg Ehrenfels. These structures were built by the Archbishop of Mainz to enable him to collect tolls from the boatmen at the Binger Loch bottleneck.

Aquarell, 1817
Medium: Wasser- und Dekcfarbe auf grau laviertem Papier
Größe: 194 x 311 mm
Sammlung: Privatsammlung
Referenz: TW1871; Wilton 679