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William Turner - Site 16: Loreley
Loreley (Watercolour, 1817) ©akg-images
  • William Turner - Site 16: Loreley
  • On the towpath, looking towards the Loreley
Site not marked

On the towpath, looking towards the Loreley

The watercolour shows the Lorelei rock again from a different perspective. This time Turner looks downstream in the direction of St. Goar and shows only part of the Loreley rock. By doing so, Turner leaves it to the viewer to imagine the true scale and grandeur of the Loreley – an artistic device that he used many times in his works. On the left of the painting we see the towpath with several people on it. This is the same path Turner walks along to reach Bingen. On the right bank of the Rhine travellers were forced to take the route over the hills.

Watercolour, 1817
Medium: watercolour and gouache on grey-washed paper
Dimensions: 191 x 302 mm
Collection: private collection
Reference: Wilton 685


Beware! There is very little space on the cycle path. Please be careful!


Hiking: The RheinBurgenWeg hiking trail can be reached in approx. 20 min. via an access route.

Site not marked

Address: Cycle path along the Rhine, to the south of St. Goar – An der Loreley

Site: Turner’s painting site is not yet marked

Public Transport: »Loreleyblick« bus stop, St. Goar: approx. 10 min. walk

By bike: Rheinradweg cycle route – no detour necessary

Parking: Parking available near the town’s southern entrance. Approx. 2 min. walk from there