Castle Maus

View of Burg Maus

On 23rd August Turner has almost reached St. Goar, his destination for the day, when this view presents itself. The watercolour shows Burg Maus and the church at Wellmich. The motif is dominated by high cliffs, the colours of which appear to merge with those of the river. Turner devotes most of his attention to the castle, leaving all other elements silhouette-like and sketchy. For the Turner expert Cecilia Powell this is one of the finest depictions of the Middle Rhine Valley. On his later visits to the Rhine he continued to sketch the castle again and again from a variety of different perspectives. Today Burg Maus is privately owned and can only be visited on special guided tours.

Aquarellskizze, 1817
Material: Aquarell mit Bleistift auf laviertem Papier
Größe: 183 x 242 mm
Sammlung: National Gallery of Ireland