Castle Katz and St. Goarshausen

On the towpath just outside the village “An der Loreley”, looking towards Burg Katz and St. Goarshausen

On Monday 25th August 1817 Turner continues on his journey towards Mainz. Turner captures this view whilst walking along the towpath, not far from St. Goar. The composition centres on Burg Katz above the little town of St. Goarshausen. In the foreground we see several barge-horses. At this time boats were still towed upstream using »horse power«. Paintings from the late 1830s show how this form of traction was gradually replaced by steam ships. The rich colours that Turner chose for this scene, both in the lighter and the darker areas, are particularly striking. Today Burg Katz is privately owned and is not open to the public.

Aquarell, 1817
Medium: Wasser- und Deckfarbe mit Auskratzungen auf laviertem Papier
Größe: 196 x 307 mm
Sammlung: Courtauld Institute Gallery, London; Turner Worldwide
Referenz: TW0495; Wilton 645