Castle Fürstenberg

Rheindiebach on the riverside footpath, looking towards Burg Fürstenberg

On 25th August 1817, whilst continuing his walking tour along the banks of the Rhine, Turner has already left Kaub and Bacharach behind him when he arrives at Rheindiebach. This watercolour is based on a small but detailed sketch and shows Burg Fürstenberg as Turner saw it from this viewpoint. The scene is divided horizontally by the ancient town wall. In the foreground the artist depicts the life and activities of local people. The inclusion of such elements is typical of Turner’s work.

Aquarell, 1817
Medium: Wasser- und Deckfarbe mit Ausklarzungen auf grau laviertem Papier
Größe: 235 x 311 mm
Sammlung: Manchester City Galleries; Turner Worldwide
Referenz: TW0588; Wilton 641