Castle Ehrenfels and Mäuseturm

Footpath behind Burg Ehrenfels, View of the Mäuseturm

This watercolour drawing was only produced in 1841. Turner made repeated visits to places that had first fascinated him in 1817, sketching them over and over again. In this picture Turner combines two perspectives. The Rhine Valley in the background provides the main direction of vision. In order to see Burg Ehrenfels from this angle, the artist used an elevated vantage point. In the foreground there is a glimpse of a steamship near the Mäuseturm. In the late 1830s the tradition of towing boats upstream was eclipsed by the advent of steam power, which explains why the motif disappears in later works.

Aquarellierte Zeichnung, 1841
Medium: Wasser- und Deckfarbe mit Bleistift und Auskratzungen
Größe: 184 x 241 mm
Sammlung: The Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro
Referenz: TW1962